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Individual & Corporate Plans

We have you covered! Just pop in to see us twice a year at your convenience and leave the rest to us. A small monthly payment ensures you are covered for all your essential dental needs while giving you discounted rates on our other services.

At Pimlico Dental we understand the need to spread the cost of healthcare over the year alongside making provisions for the unexpected. Our plans help by combining the value of the health service with private standard materials and equipment, freeing us to focus on prevention rather than cure. Our maintenance plan can be applied for online by following the sign up links on the page. To take out the upgraded plan you will need to have a checkup with the dentist first.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Open early,late and weekends
  • No limit on the amount of treatment you have
  • No chasing up companies for reimbursment
  • Private standard materials and equipment- always.
  • Daily Payments of 0.48p or 0.64p
  • Discounted compared to standard fees
Treatment Maintenance
Standard Fee
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1st Check-up £ 30
1st Hygiene £ 65
2nd Check-up £ 30
2nd Hygiene £ 65
All X-rays £ 18
Fluoride & Sealants £20
Fillings * £ 90-150
Emergency care £ 50
Simple Extractions £ 80-150
Discounts ** 10% 15% NIL
Total £ 173.88 £ 233.88 £ 400-500
* Clinically necessary white fillings on front teeth and amalgam fillings on back.
     **Discounts on treatment outside the plan

Our plans hold the benefits of both dental membership and insurance.


We are happy to partner with local firms to provide in house discounts and tailored dental plans to suit their employees needs. This is not the same as dental insurance, and consequently does not require receipts so your employee can be reimbursed. It completely bypassess your HR department and is a simple one-off payment from your employee that is routinely bundled into an employees starting package. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to email or pop-in to see us.
Some of the benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility with appointment times
  • Reduced time employees spend away from work
  • No need for employees to be dentally fit before starting plan
  • Further discounts on treatment outside the plan 15% AND 20% respectively.
  • Open Saturdays and early morningl, aswell as late evenings .
  • Central location within walking distance from Victoria,Pimlico, and Vauxhall stations.
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