Miss R

Lower Inman Aligner

" I had completely forgotten how bad my teeth were now that their straight, the pictures are quite shocking. Really impressed with how lovely and straight they are now. Thank you." Miss R

Miss R was worried about the appearance of her lower front teeth. She had conventional braces as a teenager however they had moved back once she stopped wearing her retainer. She was looking for a quick, aesthetic and most importantly a removable solution.

Miss R was a straight-forward case and we achieved the desired result within 10 weeks! We followed up with a clear plastic retainer which she wears nightly.

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What We Did

Cosmetic Braces
At 5 Weeks

5 Weeks of wearing the Inman Aligner 18 hours a day.


10 Weeks later we had finshed and ready to fit a clear plastic retainer for long-term retention.

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