Mrs J

IPS e.max

"Anish your patience, skill and knowledge has achieved a result that I am very pleased with." Mrs J

For many years Mrs J had to put up with old, poorly matched metal ceramic crowns with the metal showing through at the top. She refused to smile, as she felt they really stood out compared to her middle incisors.

Mrs J had a simple to request to be able to smile and laugh without holding back. To do this we suggested changing the crowns to all white e.max crowns. Enabling us to have complete control over colour and the dynamic appearance as light hit them. E.max offers the strongest, most natural solution to crowning teeth.

Mrs J was delighted with the results. After considering how natural these new crowns looked she wanted to have all her old crowns removed and replaced!

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What We Did

Crowns & Onlays

After the old crown was removed and impressions taken a temporary crown was made to protect the tooth while the crown was fabricated.The colour of the adjacent teeth were taken, as well as the prepared tooth. Defining features such as cracks and white specks were also taken.


The finished smile 2 weeks after we started. The crowns were bonded in with a clear cement to let the colour of the underlying tooth shine through. As there is no metal blocking the undelying colour of the tooth in these crowns a natural look is achieved, by the translucent nature of the crown.

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