Gummy Smiles

"Correct the foundations and the rest will follow"

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Novemeber, 2013 by Mr Anish Patel
Excessive gum tissue on display when smiling and unevenness around the midline.


A perfect smile is not the result of just all white crowns and white teeth. The amount of gum tissue on display and its specific distribution are major contributors. Take a look at your own smile, do you show too much gum?

At Pimlico Dental, we take a step back and treat not just your teeth, but your whole smile. Your teeth, gums, lips, facial proportions should all be in perfect harmony. Treating one tooth or ten, these principles are timeless and should be practiced at all progressive surgeries.

Outlined below are some of causes of excessive gum tissue and how a simple gum lift by itself can correct or drastically improve your smile. Dr Szymczak and Dr Patel create the perfect framework for your gums/teeth/veneers/crowns to sit in behind your lips, then supervise the periodontal specialist to deliver theirs and your exact specification. Teamwork is key.


  • Short upper lip
    When the distance between your nose and the upper lip is too short, and therefore not covering the gums and teeth at rest or when smiling.
  • Altered Eruption (Passive or Active)
    Occurs when teeth are in the correct position but are covered with too much gum and bone.
  • Super-eruption
    Your teeth no matter how old you are never stop moving/shifting, they only stop when something is in their way- normally the opposing tooth. When the opposing tooth is missing or shorter (in bruxists) the upper tooth will grow downward bringing the gums and bone with it.
    The other cause of super-eruption would be a mis-match in jaw sizes, where the upper jaw is larger than the lower. This would result in front teeth drifting down becasue again nothing is stopping them. An overbite is normally the cause and is simply treated with orthodontics and sometimes surgery.
  • Hyper-mobile upper lip
    The muslces you use to smile with (muscles around your lip) sometimes pull your upper lip higher than the average exposing your gums at the front and normally toward the back. A simple tempory solution would be using Botox to tack the lips down slightly, lasting 4-6 months. The permanently solution would normally be a gum lift with/without specialist intervention.
  • AVME (Vertical Maxillary Excess)
    During development your upper jaw could grown longer than it should. The distance from the chewing surfaces of the teeth and the floor of the nose is longer than the average. As a result the upper jaw sits lower in the frame of your smile. A simple solution would be a gum lift. The most documented solution would be orthdontics and maxillary impaction with a maxillo-facial surgeon.

Gum heights and excessive tissue can be corrected with either orthodontic movement, perio-plastic surgery, or using dental soft tissue lasers. We will always recommened which we feel will give the best result, but your decision is final and will give you every option avaliable so you can make an informed decision.

What can you do about it?

Before we can proceed with such detailed treatment, we request all our patients to have a comprehensive consulation with our dentists. A accurately diagnosed and consulted patient is the key to successful results.

Our unique examination, consultation and written treatment plan includes a through assesemnt of every aspect of your oral health. Find out more

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