Bonding and Tooth Contouring

"The final tweaks to achieve perfection"

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by Mr Anish Patel
Adding and taking away minute amounts to getting you that bit closer to perfection.


This treatment involves adding white fillings, and removinng minute amounts of tooth(enamel) in a slow controlled manner, to transform your teeth into the perfectly proportioned smile. Composite bonding alone is completely reversable, and has become a popular alternative to veneers and crowns.

This is normally done after a course of cosmetic orthodontics, leaving the teeth completely intact with no healthly tooth tissue lost. Veneers do provide the same transformation however it does require healthy tooth to be removed to compensate for their thickness.

Tooth contouring is carefully planned out with the principles of "smile mapping" and so it is vital digital photographs are taken before we commence treatment. The procedure is done over 2 or more appointments to reduce sensitivity and encourage tooth repair.

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The Procedure

Even though it may sound like alot of treatment,it is not. It can be done over one extended vist and produce an instant result.

1.  For extensive cases we will take impressions of the teeth, and get the laboratory to mock-up what the final result will look like in wax from our prescription. This mock-up will be used to fashion a plastic stent which is used to reproduce the result in the mouth.

2.  The procedure is done without anesthetic. We do use a rubber shield that we place over your teeth, protecting you and keeping the area free from moisture. The dry field helps to provide a stronger bond between tooth and filling.

3.  Once the teeth are isolated we use a weak acid to roughen the surface of the tooth. This is washed away and dried, followed by a liquid layer hardened with a light for the filling to attach too.

4.  We will then likely add small increments of white filling to mimic the colours of you natural teeth. These will be the dentine, enamel and translucent tip shades. We will always place in stages to produce a natural result, with the plastic stent as a guide.

5.  The teeth are then polished with a series of strips and discs to produce a natural shine similar to enamel.

What To Expect After A Surgery

There should be any discomfort from the teeth. There may be small flecks of thin composite that may break away. This is extra white filling and is nothing to be worried about.


The risks invovled with adding white fillings (bondinng) is only related to the use of a weak acid to prep the teeth, the rubber gaurd protects you aginst this. With tooth contouring you may experience some sensitivity however this is short lived, and easily treated with sensitive tooth pastes and mouthwash. When performed in a controlled manor over a number of visits, this risk is kept to a minimum.


The more invasive alternative would be to place veneers. This does achieve a good result but as conservative practice we will always aim to achieve a better , more natural result with cosmetic braces, bonding and whitening.

What To Think About

With any white filling, maintenace is a must. The area where the filling and tooth meet will always be an area for staining to occur. To maintain the initial look you simply need professional cleans to restore the appearance.


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