"Have private medical insurance but not dental? Considered why? "

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Dr Anish Patel 17 August, 2013
and.....................Dental Insurance?


After speaking to a few close friends and family it became apparent that many of them had medical cover with major medical insurance companies, either through work or personally, with no dental cover. On probing, I asked them why. The response was either "that dental cover was extra money" or "its more important to be covered medically". These are all normal responses, and pretty much what I was expecting. My question was that if you had both, which one would you use more and derive greater benfit from. They all said dental! They felt that they were more likely to need a filling and hygiene treatment then private medical treatment for outpatient care. My question to them was again, "why are you not covered for your teeth?".

It must be remembered that dental decay remains the most prevalent chronic disease, and still, we do not make provisions for it or take it seriously. Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 has shown that an estimated 2.43 billion people have dental caries, that's roughly 1 in 3!

It's important to consider good dental health along the same lines as good general health. Having insurance is not definately needed to have good dental health, but visiting your dentist or hygienist every 6 months is. Dental insurance might just make it more cost-effective.

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