"NHS and Private Dentistry"

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Dr Anish Patel 17 August, 2013

What is the real difference?


Over the years many patients have asked the same question. What is the difference between NHS and Private dentistry? The answer is simple, and should be the case across all practices.

The only difference is the MATERIALS and sometimes EQUIPMENT we use, the skill of the dentist and care taken is always the same. There are certain restrictions on the NHS so as to make it more cost-effective for the health service to fund. The NHS will always provide treatment to secure oral health and an example would be that the NHS only allows silver fillings on back teeth, and not white. The reason being that they both do exactly the same in removing and preventinng further decay and breakdown of the tooth, it's only that the silver fillings are a more cost-effective solution. We can compare two cars of lower and higher values. They will both get you to your destination, just that one may look nicer.

It should be remembered that the NHS offers a comprehensive service that will always treat to secure health, however there are sometimes better more cutting edge alternatives to materials and equipment used.

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